About Us


The Swedish manufacturer is widely regarded as the worlds leading suspension company and provide suspension solutions for all racing disciplines! Since their formation they have won countless world and national titles in all forms of motorcycle sport as well as providing the most sought after suspension tuning products for the road and touring market!

Here at KAIS we have competed in all forms of racing as well as providing technical support to some of the very best teams and riders. KAIS Suspension Services are one of the leading lights in suspension tuning today. With a history in suspension dating back to the late 70’s you can be assured that your ride is in safe hands with us. KAIS are an official UK OHLINS distributor and service centre. We are proud of our long running association with the world leading swedish brand and have worked hard over the years to mirror the professionalism of the OHLINS brand.


During the season part of our team are away most weekends working for various BSB teams, we have worked with many top riders over the years to help ensure they get the best from their suspension package.

OHLINS are synonomous with motorcycling race sucess. whether it be off road with enduro and motocross, in short circuit and road racing or on ATV’s, you can guarantee ohlins has a solution for your motorcycle suspension needs!

Here at KAIS we can supply fit and tune the full range of OHLINS motorcycle products. Our front forks, cartridge kits, shock absorbers & steering dampers are the best in the world. Make the same choice as every Moto GP team, fit Ohlins!

Please take time to browse our OHLINS specific site and contact us if you need any information or technical support!